Sustainable Travel in New York City

New York City is usually always one step ahead, when it comes to being trendy and fashionable. And being green is all the rage nowadays.

Green NYC cabs

Sustainable travel in New York City is easier than in most other cities due to the large number of eco-friendly businesses and tourism service providers – from hybrid limos to organic cuisine and all-natural health spas.

Listed below are some of these facilities, activities and providers to help you enjoy guilt-free green trips to New York City.

Local Transport:- The best – most convenient to you and least harmful to the environment – way to get around NYC is by using the Subway (MTA). If you don’t feel like shoving elbows in the Subway, or you can’t find one of these green taxis you see above, then hire OZOcar - a hybrid limousine service.

For absolute freedom and a zero-carbon day out in New York City, rent a bike. If you’re up to it, there’s plenty of free and guided daily bike tours which will help you see all the attractions. Some of them – like the Downtown Alliance - will even provide the bike for free. All you have to do is show up and start pedaling.

Hotels:- These are the top three green hotels in New York:-
1. 70 Park Avenue Hotel
2. The Muse Hotel
3. New York Marriott Downtown

Two new LEED certified hotels will soon be added at the top of this list - element New York Times Square West, and 1 Hotel & Residences.

Another option is the Hamilton Park Hotel in New Jersey. The hotel takes it’s environmental responsibilities pretty seriously, and is located 22 minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport, and 45 minutes from New York City – if you can handle the commute.

New York's Best Green Tea SmoothiesOrganic Restaurants:- Here’s the thing – I could list 923 great organic restaurants in New York, but how many people are actually going to abandon their sightseeing itineraries or business schedules and go out of their way to find an organic restaurant? Not many people do, and that’s perfectly understandable.

A more realistic alternative is to do some travel research and planning in advance. For example, let’s say you’re planning to stay at the 70 Park Avenue Hotel. A quick search on Google Maps for nearby organic restaurants shows up the Green Room Cafe - located just a short stroll from your hotel. That’s in addition to the Silverleaf Tavern inside the hotel, which lives up to Kimpton’s Earthcare restaurant standards.

Plan out your complete itinerary and make sure you know all the good organic restaurants along your route. It’s as simple as that.

LEED certified Brooklyn Children's MuseumEco-friendly Things to Do:- There are hundreds of eco-friendly activities, places and attractions in New York – like Central Park, the LEED certified Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and walking and bike tours of specific neighborhoods in the City.

If you’re fond of brewed beer, don’t forget to take a tour of some green beer producers like the Brooklyn Brewery.

Want some eco-chic clothing and accessories put together by a New York fashionista ? Check out Kaight.

Need a spa? The Green Spa & Wellness Center awaits you with its organic garden, Sangrias and Caribbean hot seashell massage.

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