Eco-friendly Travel Gear

Unless you’re kitted out with the right kind of eco-friendly travel gear, it’s futile to even attempt for a zero-carbon day out while you’re on the road. For that, you’ll be needing the right gear, and that’s just what we have for you today.

Here’s a list of travel gear items that might come in handy in your fight against the omnipresent evil of carbon consumption.

1. Solar Charger:- Even President Barack Obama - who is always on the move - has a Solio Classic. Get yours now, while it’s still hip.

2. Water Bottle:- Stop buying bottled water and get yourself a nice and clean water bottle which you can fill up soon as you get off a flight or reach a reststop. has a a nice list of the top 5 eco-friendly water bottles, which includes our personal favorite – Klean Kanteen (no BPA).

3. Food & Snacks:- Don’t feel safe unless you’re packing food? It’s your body, but our earth – so remember to use eco-friendly reusable wraps or pouches (wrap-n-mat), and stock up on your favorite brand of organic snack bars and drinks.

4. Camping:- If you’re going camping and want to be absolutely zero-carbon, then here’s what you need, in addition to all the aforementioned gear.

  1. Solar Tent – These are your choices for currently available solar powered tents –  Eureka Solar Intent Tent (LED lighting and battery charger), WingnutGear (heavyduty – includes solar powered airconditioning).
  2. LNT Products – Leave no Trace (think of it as potty training for campers) is the latest in eco-etiquette for the outdoors. Way it works is that you pack the necessary gear - including biodegradable ‘no trace’ bags and tissue, and avoid polluting fresh streams and causing the denizens nearby to gag on the foul odor. Get your LNT training before you set foot in the wild.

We’re not going to extend your pain by adding the usual stuff like eco-friendly luggagehippie clothing and biodegradable towels & soap to this list. It is expected that a self-respecting eco-conscious citizen such as you will already be sporting all the latest eco-chic fashion accessories.

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